A new and startling change in the way that Botox is being offered to people has shocked many, but in fact it should surprise us that this change did not happen years ago. Yes, that’s right: more and more dentists are now offering medically safe Botox injections to their patients. When you picture someone administering a Botox injection, we’re pretty sure that you did not imagine someone who had just checked that your fillings weren’t going to be any trouble for you – but if you think about it for a little moment, it starts to make more and more sense.

After all, dentists have extensive medical training, much of which they have in common with any other medical practitioner like a doctor. There is absolutely no reason why they could not perform a Botox injection. They perform injections all of the time, and so have the right techniques and skills. They are also experts in working around the facial area of the body, which many doctors are not, and know intimately the different muscles and nerves around our mouths, noses, and eyes.

Receiving Botox injections from your local dental surgery also makes it so much easier to organise having it done; all you need to do is to combine it with a previously organised appointment, and there you have it! You will also have the procedure carried out by someone that you already know, trust, and feel comfortable with. If you have any questions or concerns, then you will be relaxed enough to ask them, and you can reassured.

If you are considering having Botox done, why not see if your local dental practice, or another one in your local area, offering Botox injections. You could just find yourself receiving them from a much friendlier face than you expected!

Source: http://dentox.com/botox-edu-news/botox-courses-dentists/